A letter from our President

In 1971, my dad, Fred Blevins, went to work for Piping Engineering. Growing up I remember my dad talking about the guys he worked with; and even though I had never met them, they knew me, and I knew them — they were family. Three of my brothers, Neal, Kenny, and Gary all worked for Piping Engineering at one time or another. In fact, it was my brother Neal who gave me my first shop job, sweeping the shop floors, in the summer of 1983.

After leaving college in 1988, I came back to this shop and have been here ever since. The guys I’ve worked with have been there for my wedding, the birth of my three kids, and beyond. They are my family. When we learned in October 2010 the shop would be closing in December, it was devastating. Loss of a job was the least of my worries. How do you start over after more than 20 years? That’s when I decided we didn’t have to.

2011 was the most trying and rewarding year of my life. Despite many setbacks, we were able to purchase the Sand Springs facility. It was through faith and determination to keep my family together that this was even possible. We started out with just seven of us from our previous employer, who had held out waiting for the shop to reopen. I was blessed to have been surrounded by people who had faith in what I was doing.

Since opening the doors as Piping Enterprise Company on July 11, 2011, we have grown from nine employees to nearly one hundred. However, despite the continual growth, I have made it my priority to make sure each employee feels part of the PECO family. Whether it’s company dinners, team gatherings, or lifting each other up in times of crisis, we are a family. 

When I started this endeavor, my mom gave me a piece of paper. On that paper she had written, “Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will make your plans succeed”.

I appreciate your time and look forward to meeting you!


Charlie A. Blevins